The Sober Bard

Poetic Licence

Tim StiX - Ships on the Horizon

Loss of a parent while still under their care is devastating

But especially both and at a tender age ...

Tim StiX - Eternal Love on a Glass of Merlot

What is love but an equal partnership between lovers

If true, is does not question or blame, it does not compete of accuse

No, true love is unquestioning, trusting, trustworthy and eternal ...

Tim StiX - Farther in Time

Face me, watch and wonder

Using up your Days

A Technicolor swatch

Or Hell stuck on replay ...

Tim StiX - Black Satin

A Book, Small, Black, slightly Shiny, possibly Leather

Where was God at ten past seven, when the staff was shot at 7/11 ...

Tim StiX - Jupiter and Mars
Tim StiX - Counting Out the Seasons

Beneath a radiant setting sun ...

Feel the warmth of flooding poison

Neurons pinging, receptors singing, endless shit stops flinging ...

Tim StiX - Friendship in Image and Prose

The twenty-thousand-dollar Partnership

While the Jester fools

And the Author scrives ...

Tim StiX - Bards of Avon by the Sober Bard
Tim StiX - Ode to a Rose by the Sober Bard

No Pain Jane

Tim StiX - Ode to a Rose

Untamed and Free

Beauty in Prose without Predictability...

Tim StiX - Beauty in Prose
Tim StiX - Beauty in Prose by the Sober Bard
Tim StiX - The Boss from Hell by the Sober Bard

Little Mikey the mouse that roared!

Have you ever had a person in a position of power push you to the Borderline?

Please exorcise the thoughts and draw me back from the Borderline.

Tim StiX - Life on the Borderline by the Sober Bard