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Tim StiX - Black Satin

A Book, Small, Black, slightly Shiny, possibly Leather

The Technicolor dream of $20,000.00 ...

Tim StiX - Ships on the Horizon

Loss of a parent while still under their care is devastating

But especially both and at a tender age ...

Tim StiX - Eternal Love on a Glass of Merlot

What is love but an equal partnership between lovers

If true, is does not question or blame, it does not compete of accuse

No, true love is unquestioning, trusting, trustworthy and eternal ...

Last year, the unforgettable and sobering year, has passed.

We have now, thankfully, moved to 2019 plus two.

Tim StiX - 400 Days of Sobriety
Tim StiX: How to get Google Cred' Part 2

Who the Hell are YOU?

How do we define YOU as an entity for Search Engines to index?

Does anyone remember a hit from the late 60’s called Classical Gas?

Tommy Emmanuel does a fantastic version of it and has performed it with the Tasmanian Orchestra.

Do you have classical GAS?

Tim StiX: Classical GAS, Do I have too many Guitars
Tim Stix: The Political Divide in America

What have you made of the American Presidential Election, 2020?

It has certainly been a sideshow.

A cringeworthy look, into the Political chasm between Left and Right.

Admit it!

Getting indexed with a high-position listing on Google, is what we all want.

No matter what you bring to the Web. We are all aiming for that number one spot.

Tim StiX: How to get Google Cred
My First Step Into Nirvana Article

Have you ever had the feeling that a day is coming towards you like a crossroad?

The most important day of my Life!

What do you really want this year?

The greatest gifts of all time.

The Three Ultimate Gifts Article
Tim StiX - Larger than Life

You have probably never seen me, and it is unlikely that you ever will, in a World of countless souls.

A Universe of things.